Transforming Mercread Youth Centre: A Success Story of Savvy Helpers Ltd’s services


Mercread Youth Centre, a vibrant hub for empowering young minds, embarked on a transformative journey with the help of a dedicated virtual assistant, Myriam. This success story showcases how a comprehensive range of services, including logo design, policy writing, hiring support, and employee handbook development, propelled the youth centre towards success.

Logo Design: Every successful organisation needs a distinctive visual identity that reflects its values and captures the attention of its target audience. Myriam brought forth their creative prowess to design a captivating new logo for Mercread Youth Centre. The logo not only conveyed the centre’s mission of youth empowerment but also represented their dynamic and inclusive approach. This revitalised visual identity helped Mercread Youth Centre stand out, attract more participants, and increase their visibility in the community.

Policy Development: Policies are the backbone of any well-functioning organisation, providing a framework for consistent decision-making and ensuring smooth operations. Myriam collaborated closely with Mercread Youth Centre to develop comprehensive and tailored policies that aligned with their values and goals. The newly crafted policies covered areas such as child protection, health and safety, and more, creating a solid foundation for the centre’s operations. These policies not only improved efficiency but also ensured the well-being and security of all participants and staff members.

Job Descriptions and Hiring Support: Building a capable and dedicated team is crucial for the success of any organisation. Myriam played a pivotal role in developing detailed job descriptions that accurately reflected the roles and responsibilities required at Mercread Youth Centre. By effectively articulating the requirements and expectations, she helped the centre attract talented individuals who were passionate about making a difference in the lives of young people.

Furthermore, she provided valuable support throughout the hiring process, assisting with screening applications, conducting initial interviews, and shortlisting candidates. Their expertise in identifying the right fit for the centre’s culture and needs ensured that only the most qualified and committed individuals were brought on board.

Employee Handbook and Induction Plan: For a newly hired staff member to thrive in their role, a comprehensive employee handbook and a well-structured induction plan are vital. Myriam worked diligently with Mercread Youth Centre to develop an employee handbook that encompassed the centre’s policies, procedures, and core values. The handbook served as a guidebook for staff, ensuring consistency, promoting professionalism, and fostering a positive work environment.

In addition, she collaborated with the centre to create a structured induction plan. This plan included orientation sessions, training modules, and introductions to key stakeholders. By equipping new staff members with the necessary knowledge and resources, the centre ensured a smooth transition into their roles, fostering a sense of belonging and enabling them to contribute effectively from day one.

Through the invaluable support of a skilled virtual assistant, Mercread Youth Centre embarked on a transformative journey towards success. The new logo enhanced their brand identity, while the well-crafted policies and job descriptions streamlined operations and attracted the right talent. The employee handbook and induction plan provided a solid foundation for staff members to excel in their roles, contributing to the centre’s overall success. Mercread Youth Centre serves as a shining example of how virtual assistance can empower organisations to reach new heights, make a lasting impact, and inspire young minds to fulfil their potential.


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